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We make it easy to do good

With The Giving Circle, you select a cause and how much you want to give. That's it!
All donations for that cause are combined, and we give 100% of what we receive to a vetted, local charity

Why Use The Giving Circle?

Give Simply
Sometimes less is more. You only have to select from a few causes and how much you want to give.
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Only Vetted Charities
We get it - it's hard to trust what goes on behind the scenes at nonprofits. Learn how we thoroughly vet charities across 5 key areas.
Increased Impact
We focus on small nonprofits, so your individual donation will be noticed and not lost like it can feel with large organizations. Your donation is combined with everybody else that selected the same cause for an even greater impact.
Remain Anonymous
By donating to the Giving Circle, you only share your contact with the charities you choose to. Our default is always privacy.
Local Nonprofits
We give to organizations that have the biggest impact close to home starting in Atlanta, Georgia.
Radically Transparent
The Giving Circle strives to lead in transparency. We publish our giving report monthly and you can always see where your donation goes.
How it works

Choose a cause.
Trust your donation will do good.

Select From Limited Options
This is the easy part. Your selection guides what vetted nonprofit gets your donation
Choose Donation Amount
Choose how much to give and if it's recurring. You can track donations over time
Learn How You Did Good
Grants are given monthly to vetted organizations. Then you'll learn how your donation is used
our vetting

We evaluate nonprofits across five categories of effectiveness so you can trust your donation is used effectively.
The five areas of vetting are just the start.

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Read more about how we vet