meet the Giving circle

We make it easy to do good

Our guiding principle is that it should be easy for everybody to donate and trust that the donation will be used effectively in line with the values of the donor.

Hi there, we're the Giving Circle.

We were born from research on "choice overload," the concept that more options can make a decision harder. When applied to the world of charitable giving, people often have a hard time deciding who to give to before choosing to not give at all.
Choice overload is worsened by the structures, systems, and policies that have eroded trust in our institutions and resulted in a landscape where nonprofit organizations doing the most good in society are too quickly and unfairly compared to those that take advantage of opportunistic arrangements.
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Through careful research, we seek nonprofits to amplify how they are achieving society's highest ideals.

Our Goals

Be Inclusive.
The Giving Circle is for everybody and focused on increasing equity
Be Transparent.
Set the standard for transparency. Enable Radical Transparency
Lead By Example.
Obtaining trust is a privilege. We strive to embody what we vet
Constantly Improve.
Learning and iterating improvement is a core value of who we are.
meet the giving circle

We exist to make charitable giving easier and more effective.

Consider giving now if you're ready. Or learn more about how it works.