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The Giving Circle offers a turnkey solution that aligns with your company's values and enables you to foster a philanthropic environment without adding extensive overhead

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Spread your donation to three charities of choice. Use the slider bar to allocate your donation. Your allocated donations will be combined with others at the end of the month.
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Customizable Dashboard

Easily engage with this month's activity, track your historical community impact, plan for upcoming volunteer events, and see how the company is having an impact all from the My Giving Circle dashboard


Set it and forget it. Enable Autogive to make your giving easier. With Autogive set up, you just need to take part in the rotating monthly activities and select where your donation goes. For added security, The Giving Circle does not manage or maintain user payment information and we utilize payment processors for these purposes.

User Profile

Customize your Philanthropic Identity. Add personalization, adjust donation settings like pre-set payment information, and learn how to access necessary tax documents.

Admin Control

Convenient configuration at your fingertips helps manage the giving process. View and manage the annual giving plan, adjust communication details, generate engagement reports, access billing, and access quick help.
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Just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

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Boost Employee Engagement

Engage staff through a shared giving platform, fostering connection, satisfaction, and possibly boosting retention
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Save Time & Resources

We handle vetting and coordinating with nonprofits. Free up valuable time and resources for your core business
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Tell Your Impact Story

Turn giving into compelling narratives. Share your brand's community efforts using engaging reports and visuals
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Easy Giving Experience

Our user-friendly platform boosts participation. Employees engage easily, making charitable efforts successful and meaningful
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Enhance Your Brand Image

Align your giving with your mission. Showcase your company's commitment to making a real difference in the community
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Enjoy Tax Benefits

Donations through our 501(c)(3) platform are tax-deductible. Maximize impact while gaining tax advantages, with one tax form that includes several areas of giving

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