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Follow these few steps to do good

The Giving Circle has simplified giving. Select a cause and we'll do the vetting so you can trust your donations go to the organizations that do the most good
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Step one

Choose one of just a few causes.

Your choice guides where your donation will be given. You can select one cause each month, and you will find out where the donation goes once a nonprofit is selected.
step two

Select how much to donate.

That's it! You're done for now!
The Giving Circle is taking no fees from donations at this time. Your donation goes entirely to the charities, minus fees charged by credit card processors (2.9% + 30¢). And we are not a 501(c)(3) organization, yet. We're working on that.
How much do you want to give?

Once your donation is made, our work takes over

The Giving Circle thoroughly vets local nonprofits. Learn more about that work here.
Each month, a new org is selected for all each cause.
All donations from the folks who selected that cause are combined and given to the selected org as an unrestricted grant.
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Donation Complete?
Check box indicating donation
Receiving Charity
Little Ones Education Center
Note: Here is a description of the organization and how the funds will be used.
step three

Learn how you did good.

After donations are combined and given to a charity, we'll let you know how you are doing good. We share descriptions of the selected organization, and how your donation is helping a local cause.

A few things that may help

All donations are final - no refunds
There are no take-backsies, so please make sure you're committed.
Your cause selection is flexible... until it isn't
You can contact us to change your cause until late in the month when we lock selections to do our wizardry behind the scenes.
You can track your giving over time
When you sign up, you can visit 'My Dashboard' to keep track of the impact you've made over time.